Sunday, August 17, 2014

Monkey'n Around - Jungle Island (Terror in the Jungle)

What a crazy fun summer its been! I've spent some time sculpting out in Denver Colorado. The folks at Little Spider Creations have been so amazing to work with, couldn't have found better clients! Not every day do you get to design 20 ft tall Gorillas. Last time I was in town I got to design and sculpt the entire Jungle Island "Terror in the Jungle" theme Park entrance. I've done large scale before but nothing with this creative freedom. The month leading up to the big sculpt I was commissioned to sculpt and plan out the entire display. First time I was able to art direct a theme park sculpt. I finished this giant gorilla in a little under two weeks, which as a challenge but boy did I learn a lot. Check back in the coming months to get Images of the final. -cheers 


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