Thursday, May 29, 2014

Frankenstein (Little Spider Creation)

Had a blast the past couple weeks sculpting out in Denver, Little spider Creations was such a treat to sculpt for and I honestly couldn't have had a better time. I was flown in and shuttled out to the shop and on the first day I got to carving.  I was lucky enough to pick out which project I'd like to start off with. It seemed like a no-brainer.. ..Pick a 12 foot tall Monster for Cedar Point? Sure, I'll pick that one. I sketched out this Behemoth of a Frankenstein in about 25 minutes and immediately after started tearing into some foam. Finished him in about 6 days, honestly pushed me to my foam carving limits and made me considerably faster in the process. Mark, Laurie and everyone couldn't have been  better clients to work for, their family and everyone involved are best in the biz. I look forward to flying out some more this summer and sculpting up some  Toxic Zombies, Giant spiders, mammoth cobras, and king Kong. Stay tuned.....Busy June to Follow!

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